Wallflowers see everything but are rarely seen…It doesn’t make them any less splendid or bright just because nobody notices them though. In the same way that firework that goes off too late still creates the same magic and beauty as the ones in the display, wallflowers do too.


Aviary Photo_130581490982415722

I’m the tumbleweed

That blows through your village on Halloween,

I’m the firework that went off too late to be seen,

The magic that works behind the scenes,

The one that sells ice-creams in the intervals of your dreams.

I am the book nobody reads to the end,

I am the ‘not in need’ friend,

I am the anthem from someone else’s headphones,

The one you would have called on but didn’t think would be at home…

And I wasn’t but I was indoors on my own.

Nobody will notice but the sea,

When I blow away with the breeze

And take my notes back from the melody,

That nobody hears until I’ve gone –

A tuneless song.

Who was she?

That strange, quiet one?

(c) All words and images belong to the original artist and may not be reproduced without permission


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