Winter Sun

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Cold and broken

Free of emotion,

He would not love anyone –

He would not thaw in the winter sun,

There would be no commotion,

He’d won.

All that was left for her to do

Was to become frozen through too,

She would not love anyone,

She would not thaw in the winter sun –

This was the cost,

She’d lost.

All words and images (c) of the original artist 2015 and may not be reproduced without permission.


A Day in the Night of

A dreamy surreal recollection of a blurred connection on an astral plane as night drifted into morning.

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A Day in the Night of…

She muttered some clutter into his dreams

And tiptoed amongst eggshells split at the seams,

Empty and purged of their cargo

They knew how far to go

To make things new and right.

And he slept on through the light –

The dawn chorus his lullabies,

Seeing the world clearly through shut eyes,

Soul and spirit mischievous spies

Eager to see his journey unfold,

Desperate to hear what truths he’d be told.

He delighted in the golden respite,

While she rid herself of all that might

Hold her hostage.

Every last ounce of rottage:

The terrible lies

The sleepless nights

The flashbacks and knives

The untimely deaths

The self imposed punishments

The poison ingested

The rats that infested

The twice flooded cottage.

The half felt loves

And wholly ruinous catastrophes,

And she muttered as she stitched in the clutter at the seams,

Working away to mend broken dreams.

And he slept on through the light

And she became free.

(c) All words and images belong to the original artist and may not be reproduced without permission

Brazen Waves

My first offering – a poem I wrote some time ago about something that┬áplays a hugely significant role in my life – the ocean. As a teenager, I always dreamed of living somewhere where I had the ocean right on my doorstep – one of my dreams that I eventually did make a reality.

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Brazen Waves

I love it when it’s stormy

And the sea vomits on the shore,

Touting all its treasures

Like a kleptomaniac whore:

A mermaid’s purse,

A gentleman’s shoe,

The crumbs of a ship

And splinters of the crew.

A life rinsed away,

A heartbreak on a wave,

An ocean so brazen,

One to brave and never save.

(c) All words and images belong to the original artist and may not be reproduced without permission

Getting Braver

So, I’ve just sent out the invites to my next Share Out Loud event which I am going to hold at my humble abode and feeling like I’m really gaining confidence in my writing. I’ve wondered for a long time whether to use this forum to share some of my poetry and I’ve decided to brave it and see. I think it can offer a different aspect to what sharing out loud can – a different audience, a different medium. As well as a writer I’m also a keen photographer and I think by publishing some of my poetry here I can also find a nice way to pair up some of the hundreds of images I have stashed away too. So, I’ll be sharing lots of my work here over the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy reading it.